PCFC Approval

PCFC Approval

The Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) is responsible for regulating and approving businesses operating in Dubai’s free zones. Here are some of the requirements for obtaining PCFC approval:

1. Application: An application for a PCFC approval must be submitted to the PCFC.

2. Business License: The business must have the required license to operate in Dubai’s free zones.

3. Free Zone Regulations: The business must comply with the regulations set by the free zone where it operates.

4. Ownership: The business must be owned by a company or an individual that meets the ownership requirements set by the free zone.

5. Fees: A fee must be paid to the PCFC for the issuance of the approval.

If you need PCFC approval for your business in a Dubai-free zone, you can visit our office or contact our customer service centre for more information on the approval process and requirements.


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