TECOM and DCCA Approval

TECOM and DCCA Approval

To operate a business in Dubai, you need to obtain approvals from the Dubai Municipality, TECOM, and DCCA. Here are some of the requirements for obtaining TECOM and DCCA approvals:

1. Application: An application for TECOM and DCCA approvals must be submitted to the respective authorities.

2. Trade Name Reservation: A trade name reservation must be obtained from the Department of Economic Development.

3. Business Plan: A detailed business plan must be submitted along with the application.

4. Shareholder Agreement: A shareholder agreement must be provided if there are multiple shareholders.

5. Lease Agreement: A lease agreement must be provided for the business location.

6. Fees: A fee must be paid to the respective authorities for the issuance of the approvals.

If you need TECOM and DCCA approvals for your business in Dubai, you can visit our office or contact our customer service centre for more information on the approval process and requirements.


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